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Hirtenbrief der Russisch-orthodoxen Kirche im Ausland Sektion Europa

Die Bischöfe trafen mit Metropolit Mark in München vom 25. bis 26. Juli zusammen und verabschiedeten in Bezug auf die Ukraine, fast könnte man sagen, ja oder nicht nur fast, in brennender Sorge, folgenden Hirtenbrief:

>>As the bloodshed of war stains the ground in the lands of our fathers, we are affected by the agonies of our brothers and sisters, whose suffering must be our suffering and whose aid and salvation must be our deeply-willed desire. We express our profound gratitude for the response of our clergy and faithful to our appeals to aid refugees from Ukraine, and in many other ways to be of help and support. Yet we continue to see the terrible costs of war; we feel the sorrowful transformation of cultures as hatred becomes more commonplace and suspicion and fear replace love and compassion; we behold governments seeking political interests rather than the peace and benefit of their peoples; and we observe moral and ethical degradation becoming more prevalent all around us.<< Und noch: >> The Church is our steadfast bulwark in this world: her truth never changes, her heart never wanes, and her life is never modified to conform to the whims of the world. The more than fifteen European nations that comprise our dioceses have known many conflicts over their history, but the unity of the Church is greater than any conflict and must never be abandoned in times of trial.<< Die ganze Verlautbarung im Wortlaut auf Englisch also hier.

Franz der Erste lässt sich derweil mit einem indianischen Häuptlingskopfschmuck ablichten. Gut gemeint, aber ich sehe es leider mit zunehmendem Befremden.


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